[Addon] PrintNodes - HQ Screenshots for NodeTrees

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Blender addon to take high-quality screenshots of node trees irrespective of the display resolution.

Works with blender 2.80 and above. (Does NOT natively support Blender 3.0+ for now. But workaround is provided in Notes section)

Please read the Usage and Notes section before using the addon


• Download the latest release

• Go to `Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install` and select the downloaded zip file.

• Make sure that `Secondary Directory` is set as per your wish.


• In the Node Editor, you MUST go to fullscreen area mode via `Ctrl+Alt+Space` or `View > Area > Toggle Fullscreen Area` in the header before using the addon.

• The scroll bars must not be visible at any time while the process takes place. You can ensure that by making sure the cursor stays around the middle of the screen.

• Then, make sure you're zoomed to a level where you cover the most area while the text is still readable, to prevent oversized screenshots (in resolution).

• Now from the Node Context menu (Right Click), start the screenshot process. It'll take a little while to take the shot. DO NOT perform any action until you get a finishing popup message.

• But you can force-cancel the process mid-way by pressing `Esc` or `Rightmouse Button`.


• Can take shots of whole node tree, within node groups, or only the selected nodes (using the `Take Screenshot Of Selected Nodes` option.)

• It is recommended to save the blend file before using the addon.

• Selecting `NodeFrames` while using `Take Screenshot Of Selected Nodes` Feature will crash the application. Keep that in mind.

• If you're facing weird issues with the final Image, try disabling the auto-crop feature from preferences.

• Thanks to @cmzw_ for the beautiful example node tree.

Works on Linux and Mac only for Blender 2.93 or above (but for all blender versions on Windows)

• For Blender 3.0 or above, a custom build of blender (along with PrintNodes v1.1.4) is required which has been uploaded here.


Releases · Yeetus3141/PrintNodes (github.com)

Additional Info

For any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, join my discord server contact me via Twitter @YeetusBlenditus or e-mail me at binitnew@gmail.com

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PrintNodes addon as a zip file


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[Addon] PrintNodes - HQ Screenshots for NodeTrees

52 ratings
I want this!