[Addon] ImagePaste

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[Addon] ImagePaste

78 ratings


Blender add-on to paste images from the clipboard to various places in Blender and copy images back from Blender to clipboard easily!

To the 3D Viewport

To and from the Image Editor

To the Shader Editor as Nodes

To the Video Editor


• Download the appropriate zip file.

• Go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install and select the downloaded zip file.

• Tick the box beside the addon name to enable it.


Ctrl+Shift+V or Image Editor > Image > Paste From Clipboard in the Image Editor to paste as image.

Ctrl+Shift+V or Object Mode > Add > Image > Paste From Clipboard in Object Mode to paste as a reference image.

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V or Object Mode > Add > Image > Paste From Clipboard as Plane in Object Mode to paste as a plane

Ctrl+Shift+V or Node Editor > Context Menu (Right Click) > Paste From Clipboard in the Node Editor to paste image(s) as Image Texture Node(s).

 Ctrl+Shift+C or Image Editor > Image > Copy To Clipboard in the Image Editor to copy the active image to clipboard.\

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V or Context Menu (Right Click) > Paste From Clipboard in the Video Editor to paste on timeline as image


• Customizing the save folder

By default, pasted images will be stored in a temporary folder, this one will be deleted when you close Blender. If you want, you can redirect these images to a different directory.

On the other hand, after you save the .blend file, these pasted images will be saved where the .blend file is located in the ImagePaste folder. This folder can also be customized in the preferences.

• Customizing the image filename

You can customize the filename of the pasted image with the help of some predefined variables:

The default filename is ${addonName}-${yearShort}${monthNumber}${day}-${hour24}${minute}${second}.

  • Choosing the image type to move when saving the file

This feature will move (actually copy) images into the save directory after you save the file, so you can paste images anytime, no need to save it first. There's also an option in the add-on preferences you can choose the type of images to move:

  1. Pasted images: Only images that were pasted using the add-on would be moved to the save directory.

  2. All images: Images existing in the .blend file will be moved.

  3. No moving: Don't do anything when saving the file.


Visit changelog on GitHub


For any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, contact me via Twitter @YeetusBlenditus, join my Discord server or create issue on GitHub

I want this!

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